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Keeping your
trucks clean &
your drivers happy

Interior Deep Clean: Semi Trucks

“Get comfy, its gonna be a long ride!”

New Driver, New Owner,

or just ready for a New Feeling…

Our Interior Deep Clean has got you covered!

Our Steps:

  • Remove: All trash & your belongings. 

  • Detail Clean: Scrub & Sanitize your entire sleeper area walls, headliner, in and around the compartments, the whole floor, driver’s area overhead storage, dash, & doors

  • Shampoo Seats: Vacuum, Scrub, & Extract your seats & carpets to remove as many stains & odors as possible!

  • Wipe: Clean windshield, windows, & door jambsFree of hand prints, dust, & grime

  • Conditioner Protectant: All your Interior Trim & Leather (door panels, cup holders, dash, etc.) will be protected from the sun rays, creating a protective barrier!

  • Organize your belongings.

Semi Truck: $150+

Fridge Cleaning / Mold Removal

If the fridge can be saved, WE can help! 

Our Steps:

  • Remove: All old & moldy food 

  • Vacuum: any maggots, mold, gunk, etc…

  • Break down: any parts that can be easily removed like the freezer

  • Chemicals: are sprayed all over to attack whats leftover

  • Clean: clean all the surfaces with towels, brushes, & compressed air

  • Re-install: the parts we previously removed 

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